Taking the leap: booking that one-way flight.

We’ve booked our out-bound flight. Yep, that one-way out-bound flight with only the bags on our backs!

We booked a flight with TAP air that takes us from Heathrow to Lisbon and then onto Rio de Janeiro the following day.

As mentioned in a previous post, we try to book as much as we can through Amex or airlines where we can earn miles. We did look at getting a RTW ticket with STA or Trailhoppers but in all honesty, the mark-up they place on these simply for booking your flights for you isn’t worth it. If you have the time, know what you want and you’re organised, you can do it yourself at much better value.

We found some super cheap flights direct to Rio at a reasonable time for less than £300. Did we book them there and then? No. I can’t remember why but Ben claims it was my fault for saying we should wait. Cue a week later…

Key things we had to remember when booking:

  • Shop around and book it directly ourselves. We compared everything across Google flights, Skyscanner, Momondo, more… That’s how we ended up going via Lisbon. It was just that much cheaper!
  • Can we earn any points or cashback that might be helpful on the rest of your travels? Our Amex Gold cards gave us double points for this booking.
  • Are there any offers we’re missing? Search for discount codes and on websites like Expedia just in case!
  • Baggage allowance (genuinely didn’t think I’d have to say this but surprisingly, some transatlantic airlines make you pay various degrees of extra for check-in luggage)
  • What time will we land in our destination? No-one wants to rock up to a hostel at 4am nor do we want to arrive so late at night that we’re unnecessarily paying for a room when we could have been on a flight.

Booking that first flight is nerve wracking. But once you’re committed to travelling, the only real question is “how”, not “if”.

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