We – Lauren and Ben – left our jobs in London in September 2018. This is our record of the following period of time in which we hopefully successfully travel around the world on a pretty modest budget.

The DIARY tracks our day-to-day travel life, mostly so we have something to look back on in the future. We update this regularly!

The BLOG features more detailed posts on places, routes, people and all of the stuff we naively believe people mind find useful in the future.

So… why are we doing this? I guess that’s a pretty easy one to answer – travelling is awesome and why wouldn’t you if you have the opportunity?

We’re both 26 as I (Ben) write this and will be 27 by the time we leave. Lauren worries a bit more than me that this is ‘late 20s’ and we should be incredibly accomplished by  now but either way there’s little escaping the fact that unless one of us breaks it big in some yet undiscovered way, the ‘settle down and focus on your career’ portion of our lives is staring us in the face.

With that in mind, I suppose it makes sense that we’d want to do something like travel to escape the inevitability of work life for a while. More and more of our generation, the so-called millennials, are in freelance or project based jobs so even the ‘settle down and focus on your career’ bit is being put off for longer or being done differently to how it has been before. But – and it’s only a but – I think there’s a small part of both of us that imagines we might discover some other opportunity during this time. At the very least, taking a year out gives us time to figure that out. At the very best, it might directly lead to stumbling across the right thing in the perfect place. Who knows. But we do know there’s more to life than working insane hours for a job you’re not quite sure you want in one of the biggest cities in the world.

We can’t pretend Brexit isn’t a factor either. No apologies for being pro-EU! Being Irish, Lauren especially has felt the ramifications of a country turning inwards in a negative sense. Ultimately, our plan is to move away from the UK  after travelling (not because of Brexit, though that does make the decision easier!), but we do have a little time of relative stability left in which to take this trip before shit hits the fan.

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